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Diakomichalis’ cooking sequence ‘It’s All Greek to Me’ brings immigration tales to the desk

George Diakomichalis, the renowned pastry chef from South Australia’s acclaimed Kalymnos Pastries, has brought his culinary expertise to national television with his new cooking series, “It’s All Greek to Me.” Originally launched on YouTube, the show has been picked up by Australian broadcaster Nine and premiered last month.

In the inaugural episode, Diakomichalis is joined by his lifelong friend Niko and Niko’s mother, Georgia Mavragelos. Speaking to Neos Kosmos, Diakomichalis promised a rich array of traditional Greek recipes and episodes celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity.

“You’ll be amused; you’ll laugh, and you may cry. You’re going to learn about some mouth-watering recipes that you need to make at home!” he said.

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A Culinary Journey

Diakomichalis’ journey with “It’s All Greek to Me” began years ago. Through this series, he has refined his skills in creating and presenting various cooking segments. His passion for sharing his culinary love has earned him recognition both in South Australia and across the country.

Family and Tradition

The series also features Diakomichalis’ parents, Nick and Poppy, who emigrated from Greece to Australia nearly fifty years ago. They share their life stories, traditions, and cook traditional Greek dishes, bringing family and friends together.

In another episode, Diakomichalis collaborates with actor and comedian George Kapiniaris, famed for “Acropolis Now,” to prepare a Greek classic with an Australian twist. This episode blends food and culture, enriched with migration stories and cooking wisdom from Kapiniaris’ mother.

For Diakomichalis, sharing the flavors and values of Greek culture, as well as those of other ethnic groups, is a precious experience.

“I love sharing the traditions passed down from our ancestors. Connecting with other cultures through food and sharing heartfelt dishes is both significant and sacred,” he told Neos Kosmos.

Preserving Cultural Identity

Diakomichalis highlights the importance of preserving cultural identity through culinary arts, helping maintain connections with current and future generations. His recipes blend traditional flavors from Greece with the diverse tastes of their new home in Australia.

“The next generation will benefit because food is one of the most rewarding forms of art. It’s a love language,” Diakomichalis explained. “In Australia, we have so many different cultures that come together and live as proud Australians while retaining their identity.”

From YouTube to National TV

The series, now broadcast on Channel 9, extends Diakomichalis’ YouTube series, re-edited and expanded for a broader audience.

“I’m thrilled that ‘It’s All Greek to Me’ is airing on national television across various states in Australia,” Diakomichalis said. “The process of creating a TV production has been fascinating. We film for hours, edit it down, and combine older YouTube episodes with new sections to create a consistent show.”

Bridging Cultures

Diakomichalis aims for “It’s All Greek to Me” to help viewers understand and connect with different cultures. The title itself is derived from a Latin phrase used as a metaphor in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”

“The plan is to bring different cultures together,” Diakomichalis said. One episode features Daniel Motlop, an Indigenous Larrakia AFL player, where they cook smoked barramundi in paper bark and discuss the importance of cultural traditions.

Celebrating Multicultural Stories

One of Diakomichalis’ favorite episodes features Lindani Berman, co-director of Cirque Africa. They cook, share recipes, and tell immigration stories while traditional African performers dance around the food preparations, celebrating a rich cultural ritual.

“These stories are too important to lose,” Diakomichalis said. “The sacrifices and successes of those who came before us have shaped our present opportunities.”

Recognized Success

Diakomichalis is no stranger to recognition. Through Kalymnos Pastries, which has received numerous awards, he has established a name for himself, his family, and his homeland as a proud member of the Greek Australian community in South Australia.

“I’ve run the shop here for 28 years. Our customers know us and the sweet Greek flavors by name. They know I’m a proud Kalymnos Greek, but also a proud Australian.”

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead to 2023, Diakomichalis aims to travel around Australia and participate in a Greek festival in Victoria.

“I’m excited to film ‘It’s All Greek to Me’ in other states and meet people with something to say on a national level. My biggest dream is to cook and do a demonstration at a Greek festival in Melbourne,” he said. “I’m ready to bring all the sweetness of Kalymnos to Melbourne and exchange stories over food!”

Watch “It’s All Greek to Me” on Channel 9 online here.

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